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My own baby, Gordon Labradoodle, passed away Dec. 6, 2017, which I never mentioned because I'm still a disaster over losing him. So, for over a year now, I've been getting my dog-fix by smothering every random pooch I pass with kisses, my voice rising to squeaky levels I think maybe only dogs can hear.  (We're going to get a new baby, but at first, it was just too hard and now we've been in transition planning our move to Florida so we're holding off a bit.)

My realtor and now bestest-buddy here in Florida, Jill Geraci has helped me ease my dog-jonesing by letting me babysit her hamster, Harley. (She says it's a dog but I don't believe it.) Harley is about one full pound of adorable though. She's like a mini-Muppet came to life!

It's nerve-wracking having something that tiny tottering around the house. She slept between Mike and I and we both lie awake all night, staring at the ceiling, terrified one of us would roll over in our sleep. But I'll gladly take a sleepless night to have her around!

My favorite parts were when she growled at something she heard with that ridiculous little voice of hers that made her sound like an angry Gizmo mogwai from Gremlins, and when we put an ice cube in her water to keep it chilled for her. She decided the cube had to come out and Mike put some music to the whole ordeal...


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