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The Girl Who Lost Him: Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller #4 by Amy Vansant - $0.99 FOR A LIMITED TIME!

Last chance for a deal on this book before prices go up!

"Think Stephanie Plum goes to Florida. With Jack Reacher. Highly recommended." — Carmen Amato, bestselling author of the Detective Emilia Cruz police series and 30-year veteran of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Shee McQueen lives in her father’s hotel for ex-military mercenaries. Life is never easy...and never boring.

Bounty hunter Shee and her second-chance love / ex-Navy SEAL, Mason Connolly, are sent to the middle of Florida to protect the family of a retiring small-town drug lord, only to find the man’s dead wife on her way out on a gurney. When the “accident” feels more like murder and the husband is implicated, Shee and Mason remain to protect the man’s teenage son and daughter, neither of whom has any interest in making their job easier.

When a rival gang’s psychotic son kidnaps their client’s daughter, Mason’s expert extraction skills are put to the test as the danger level in tiny Kinache, Florida notches to the boiling point.

It seems their client has more family secrets than Shee and Mason counted on...

"Amy Vansant brought her A-game with this newest Shee story! Loved Croix's story too. Mason is at his swoon worthy best!" - Amazon Reader

Meanwhile, on the other side of Florida in Miami, Naval Academy graduate and Loggerhead Inn receptionist, Croix, has muscled her way into an FBI-backed art theft case alongside resident con artist, retired Army Captain, Ollie.

Secret family histories and dark obsessions twist both missions until they reach their explosive, gripping conclusions.

"Couldn’t put the book down! Another wonderful and exciting book in the Shee McQueen series! Fast paced story line with many twists and turns and many well-developed characters. If you like action and some romance, too, this book is for you! I can’t wait to see where the characters will take us next!" - Amazon Reader




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Murder at Mile Marker 18 (A Mallory Beck Cozy Culinary Caper Book 1) by Denise Jaden

Perfect for fans of Molly Fitz and Christy Barritt...

An unlucky amateur sleuth, an adorable cop, and a cat with a hunch…

If anyone had told Mallory Beck she would become Honeysuckle Grove’s next unschooled detective, she would have thought they were ten noodles short of a lasagna. Her late husband had been the mystery novelist with a penchant for the suspicious. She was born for the Crock-Pot, not the magnifying glass, and yet here she is elbow deep in fettuccine, cat treats, and teenagers with an attitude, the combination of which lands her smack-dab in the middle of a murder investigation.

Maybe she should have thought twice about delivering a casserole to a grieving family. Maybe she should have avoided the ever-changing green eyes of her seventh-grade crush—now the most heart-stopping cop in town. Maybe she should have stopped listening to the insightful mewls of her antagonistic cat, Hunch, who most likely wants her to be the town’s next murder victim.

Whatever the case, Mallory Beck got herself into this investigation, and she has a distraught teenage girl counting on her to deliver the truth.


Mind in Chains (The Mind Sleuth Series)  by Bruce M. Perrin(Available on all retailers!)

It was spring in the Midwest and the perfect storm was brewing.

A scientist of considerable renown, Dr. James Conroy, Jr., was leading a grassroots movement to improve access to medical treatment in the United States. At the same time, a group known as the Crusaders for Common Sense was rallying around the cry, “Stop Playing God with Medicine.” Claiming that medical science merely maintained the body while the soul rotted from within, they stood opposed to Conroy—violently opposed.

Like most residents of St. Louis, Missouri, Sam “Doc” Price and Nicole Veles watched in horror as the violence escalated. But after a noted medical researcher was attacked at Nicole’s apartment, she and Doc were plunged into a world of domestic terrorism.

Doc found an unlikely ally in FBI Special Agent Rebecca Marte. Together, they tried to make sense of the Crusaders’ actions that defied all logic. The terrorists showed no fear of identification—or even death. In the end, Doc risked everything he loved in a final, deadly gambit with the Crusaders, only to find that the cost of his ploy might be more than he was willing to pay.

Rushton Roulette: An upbeat and heartening novel about living life in the face of increasing age  by Bronwyn Elsmore $3.99

“We’re not committing suicide here. Trust me, we’re coming back.”
Four women resist the thought of sliding into old age and decide to meet the challenge head on.
“It’s a bit like Russian Roulette,” says Heather.
“The chances are better in that,” replies Merryn, “there it’s only one in six that you get the bullet.”

Will they, won’t they, see it through?
If stories of women acting contrary to expectations are your choice, this
novel is for you.

Murder Calls at Shadow Falls: An Olivia Twist Cozy Mystery (A Second-Chance Friendship Cozy Mystery Series Book 1) - FREE ON KU by Irene Jorgensen

Olivia knew it was wrong…but she had never felt so desperate.

Will her best friend give her a second chance?

Frantic to get out of Shadow Falls, Olivia “borrowed” (okay, stole) money from Annie. If only Olivia could go back and undo the past. How can she repair the damage?

For starters, she can go home. But there is a risk.With one year left on the statute of limitations for her theft, Olivia must keep her return a secret. She gets a wild idea, thanks to her new skills, and disguises herself as a fake psychic.

Will her mystical masquerade work? Can she redeem herself?

In a twist of fate, Annie is arrested for murdering the local bakery owner. Olivia steps up to help, despite Annie’s telling diary entry that reads like a confession.

With distractions like finding a lost kitten, an itchy wig and questions about the future that a bogus mystic can’t possibly answer truthfully, Olivia stays determined to unravel the mystery of what really happened. Can she do it without revealing her identity? Because if she can’t, Olivia and Annie could end up renewing their friendship in prison.

You’ll love this cozy mystery because everyone adores a tale of making amends with a bit of crime-solving thrown in for good measure.

Did Not Finish: A sweet small town romantic comedy  Nicola Marsh 

Stranded…with my nemesis!

AXEL: It’s bad enough an unseasonal blizzard means I’m stuck with my PA’s annoying cat, but to make matters worse, Mia Samson and her poison pen are in my house too. The renowned reviewer has tanked enough books with her dreaded DNF and I need to teach her a lesson.

But my enemy is not what I expect and if I’m not careful, I’m in danger of revealing my secret to the one person who can use it against me.

MIA: I know people in publishing call me the career-wrecker behind my back. What they don’t know is, I’m writing a novel, and when I’m lucky enough to win a week-long retreat with bestselling Axel Low in quaint Sugar Plain, Nebraska, I’m thrilled.

Until I discover being snowed in with the reclusive grump is merely the first trope my life has turned into, and soon I’m sorely tempted to enact enemies to lovers…

Which one of us will lose the plot first?

Reflections on the Gospel of John: Devotions on the Go! by Dana Hagstrom

The Gospel of John Goes Beyond the Life Story of Christ

  • Meet Jesus from one of his closest disciples and get the inside scoop from the eye-witness accounts unique to John’s gospel
  • Understand the argument that Jesus is the Son of God and learn more about his true identity
  • Be encouraged in your faith as you marvel at the deity of Jesus and his great love for you

A Spirited Swindler: A Paranormal Cozy Mystery Book 1 (Midlife is Murder Series) by Clare Lockhart

Just when she thought everything was on track for her new cafe’s opening, Quinn meets a bewitching stranger with an unfathomable secret about her husband. Now, she’s being haunted, swindled, and questioned about a murder.

Empty nested and excited to start a new chapter in life, Quinn is almost ready to open her new lakeside café in the small town of Bookend Bay.Everything is perfect until she realizes she’s being followed.

Confronting the stranger sets Quinn on a course where her problems no longer revolve around selecting a feature scone. She’s suddenly questioning everything she believed about her marriage and her sanity.

Midlife isn’t supposed to bring a change like this!

Pumpkin Spice & Deadly Heist: A Cozy Mystery (The Nosy Paralegal Mystery Series Book 1) by Tanya R. Taylor

"I enjoyed this mystery which was an action-packed page-turner with some surprises at the end."

Alan Danzabar has been accused of having been involved in a blatant bank robbery that resulted in the shooting death of a security guard.

All fingers are pointed at Alan by others who have been arrested and ultimately confessed to the crime, but Alan insists that he is innocent.

Will he get off the hook with the help of J. Wilfred & Company, particularly an employee there by the name of Barbara Sandosa who takes it upon herself to dig much deeper to uncover the truth in ways that her boss would never dream of? Or will Alan Danzabar be exposed as a liar and a killer?


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