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Okay, not really but it was kind of exciting there for a second, wasn't it?

I'm about to make you feel better about snow.

Last week for the "Name the Python" contest I had to use a stock photo of a python (a ball python, which isn't even big and mean enough to be the python in the upcoming Pineapple Jailbird...). Turns out all I had to do was wait a week and I could have had my own photo to use. (though again, not a python.)

We were on our way for our morning walk when my husband, Mike, reached up to open the gate door and I noticed this guy right next to his hand. Thank goodness he didn't notice it until he was safely away, because I've seen him nearly do a back-flip when a bird few too close to him. He might have literally exploded if he'd seen how close his hand was to this guy's face.

And in case you think this snake looks pretty cute... try this on for size.... (size being the operative word).

I did a Google search and believe this is a harmless king rat snake (which isn't surprising since this fence has some rat traps along it...) But why do they need rat traps with this guy around?! He's clearly eating well. If I was a rat and even saw this fella, I'd be packing my bags like Stuart Little and hitting the road.

So if you're up north freezing, remember there is one good thing about the cold...No snakes!


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