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The Girl Who Lost Him, book #4 in the Shee McQueen Mystery Thriller series, will be available by the end of the month! I'd love to show you the cover but my cover guy is a tad on the slow side... so...
Happy Labor Day! I've got a few deals for you below and an update - TODAY I'm finishing The Girl Who Lost Him , the latest Shee McQueen (#4). Whoo! It will be available by the end of the month. The...
NEW TO AUDIO!!! Pineapple Hurricane : Pineapple Port Mysteries, Book 11 Audible Audiobook – Unabridged Amy Vansant (Author, Publisher), Rosemary Benson (Narrator) Amazon | Audible Pineapple Port...
Siri is a cheeky monkey, I need your input about brands, your moment of Archer and more deals!
NEW BOOK GIFTING AREA! FORGET EXPENSIVE GREETING CARDS - GIFT A WHOLE EBOOK (A WHOLE WORLD!) FOR $5! Remember when greeting cards were a buck? Now they're more expensive than many ebooks! So why...
WINNERS OF THE NAME THE EVIL TV HOST Here are the 20 people who won a copy of Kilty As Hell ! I got a LOT of really great names - Picked them pretty randomly from a terrific collection, though...
If you haven't read my Kilty Series, now's the time! Fast-paced thrills and crackling wit in this crime fantasy series you won't be able to put down... Ray Donovan meets Outlander meets Archer !
It's that time when I ask you to name something in an upcoming book to win a copy of it!
Skipped a week or two and now I have a bunch of stuff to share!
Okay, I have a LOT of fun things going on for you today so brace yourself!
Pineapple Port Tee Shirt - Save $8! I had some time over the weekend and made a tee shirt! I heard someone say "Get Clever" and had this idea for a custom Pineapple Port Mysteries tee.


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RELEASED: Shee McQueen #4: The Girl Who Lost Him Sept 2022!
RELEASED: Shee McQueen #4: The Girl Who Lost Him Sept 2022! Get it on Amazon!
RELEASED: Kilty #6: Kilty as Hell July 2022.
RELEASED: Kilty #6: Kilty as Hell July 2022! Get it on Amazon!
RELEASE: Shee McQueen Pack (books 1-3)
RELEASE: Shee McQueen #3 - The Girl Who Killed You
RELEASE: Pineapple Podcast (#15)


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