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Happy Labor Day! I've got a few deals for you below and an update - TODAY I'm finishing The Girl Who Lost Him , the latest Shee McQueen (#4). Whoo! It will be available by the end of the month. The...
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Latest News

PRE-ORDER: Pineapple Port Mysteries #16  Pineapple Cozy Mystery - Nov. 2, 2022!
PRE-ORDER: Pineapple Port #16: Pineapple Cozy Mystery Get it on Amazon!
RELEASED: Shee McQueen #4: The Girl Who Lost Him Oct. 2022!
RELEASED: Shee McQueen #4: The Girl Who Lost Him Sept 2022! Get it on Amazon!
RELEASED: Kilty #6: Kilty as Hell July 2022.
RELEASED: Kilty #6: Kilty as Hell July 2022! Get it on Amazon!
RELEASE: Shee McQueen Pack (books 1-3)
RELEASE: Shee McQueen #3 - The Girl Who Killed You
RELEASE: Pineapple Podcast (#15)


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