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Mmm. Yum. I don't know if it will eat me before I eat it.

I've failed making bread two out of three times now. Seems you never really run out of ways to kill yeast. The first time I used too hot milk, and sent them screaming to their little yeasty deaths.

The second time I let the loaf prove too long thinking it would make it bigger. Instead, the yeasts didn't find the energy to do a second rise in the oven and I ended up with a loaf dense enough to use as a flak jacket. I hate wasting things, so I did my best to eat it as toast, cut thin enough to see through, but ultimately gave up and chucked it.

Being hard-headed and cooking doesn't always work well together. I decided to give up bread for a bit and make myself a batch of mint jelly, because I love mint jelly and eat it with all sorts of things that would make you gag (like fish, because I never liked fish as a kid and it was the only way I could get it down my gullet.)

So I went to my garden and gathered up all the mint I could find and boiled it down. It didn't seem "minty" enough, so I went to the store to buy extra mint flavoring and some green food coloring --- and bought everything in the store except those two things. Unwilling to go back, I forged ahead and pulled the pectin from my closet...only to find I'd bought gelatin on accident. I plowed ahead again, and cut out half the sugar thinking it would make it less calorific.


So, you guessed it.  Now I have a Tupperware full of gray-brown vaguely minty sugar water Jello. It looks a lot like it may eat me before I eat it, but I'm too stubborn to throw it out. So far....

If you'd like the recipe just let me know!


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