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My niece is spending her next six months at the Naval Academy in Sweden. She stayed at our house for the few days before she left, and while those of you with children won't find any of the shocking events that unfolded surprising --- I am constantly amazed. 

Step One: Wake up the day she's leaving to find some sort of Kit-Kat wrapper modern art on the counter. I understand not throwing away your trash, leaving it on a table maybe... but how exactly does it get strewn about like this unless you're trying to make your aunt's head explode?
Step Two: Realize that once again, she's made WAY too many chocolate chip pancakes. This was the stack left after she took her share, which is generally equal to her own body weight. The problem is the same analytical mind that makes her a straight-A physics student, also can't vary from the directions read on the box. Does not compute. So if the box says "Makes pancakes for 150" but doesn't offer a smaller version of the recipe, she's helpless to feed less than 150. Even though I was trying to diet, I was then forced to nibble---rabid squirrel-like---all the chocolate chips out of these.
 Step Three: Find those pancakes abandoned on the table for a few hours.
Step Four: Realize you'll need those abandoned pancakes for energy, because her ginormous suitcases will sit in the perfect nexus of no less than FOUR entrances for those same few hours, making climbing into your bedroom, or office, or her bedroom or the hall... like scaling Mount Everest.
Step Five: Take a lovely photo of her with her Uncle Mikey and all is forgiven. What can you do. At least you know the girl who generally refuses to eat anything except pasta and pancakes will be faced with pickled herring for the next six months. You have your little revenge! :)


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